2 Bathrooms For The Old Coach House

This big old house last had it’s 2 bathrooms done in the early 90’s (Unfortunately not exactly a plumbing golden age). What was there was tired, leaking, and generally past it's sell by date. The floors both had water damaged chipboard floors. Both bathrooms also had extractor fans (great) venting directly into the roof-space (not so great), which is unfortunately a corner we see cut all too often and can ultimately end up rotting your roof timbers. In addition to the bathrooms rectifying was a priority. So both bathrooms were ripped back to the joists and stud work and started again from scratch.


The customer wanted the smaller of the 2 rooms converted into an en suite shower room, which involved moving the door and completely reconfiguring the room and it’s plumbing. The job was complicated by a low beam running straight though the middle of the room.


The customer had a firm idea of what they wanted. The shower tray had to be exactly level with the floor (which involved raising the floor around it slightly), the floor must be wooden (against our advice) which required engineering a bespoke aluminium return to prevent spillage from the shower tray, and a special coating for the wood to improve its resistance to splashes. The result is a unique room that makes excellent use of a small and challenging space.

The customer didn’t fancy an unvented cylinder, so we added a high quality Stuart Turner universal pump to provide balanced hot and cold high pressure water to the showers, plumbed in in such a way that it could also boost hot water pressure to the rest of the house. Powerful, immediate and whisper quiet, a high quality pump can breath new life into an old system, and avoid the expense and disruption of installing a modern unvented cylinder to improve hot water pressure. 


The second bathroom is a more traditional family bathroom with a good quality Aqualisa shower over the bath. Again a wooden floor was specified. An interesting feature of the room is the dual fuel towel rail we installed. This is plumbed into the central heating circuit like a traditional radiator, but it also has a thermostatically controlled emersion heater installed that will keep it warm when the rest of the central heating is switched off, meaning you can still dry towels in the summer.