Traditional & Modern Cottage Bathroom

When choosing a company to fit your bathroom it’s important that you compare like for like. The really important stuff, the stuff your fitter needs to get right, you can’t see unfortunately. A bad Wet Room looks about the same as a good one, sometimes costs a little less (just cheap enough to be the cheapest quote), and you probably won’t notice much difference to begin with. Only the bad one requires completely ripping out and starting again after 4 - 5 years, and can cause expensive damage to the structure of your house. 


That’s what had happened here. The wet room floor had leaked weakening the joists, standard plasterboard had been used on the walls which had gone mouldy behind the tiles and started to disintegrate, and the sub floor was the wrong material and not rigid enough to support the tiles which had cracked and moved.  Having to rip a 4 year old bathroom back to the joists and stud work is never a task we enjoy, but at least I know that what we put back in is going to stand the test of time.


The job here was to essentially start again, reinforce the joists, put in a rigid sub floor to support some gorgeous tiles, put a lovely roll top bath back in, remove an old airing cupboard to create extra space in the room for a separate walk in shower enclosure, and put in some proper wooden paneling, with an integrated bathroom cupboard. The result is a beautiful bathroom with a high quality finish, blending traditional and modern. It looks great, inside and outside.