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All plumbing jobs undertaken from installing outside taps, to finding and fixing a leak, to a full house repipe, we bring traditional craftsmanship to modern plumbing. 

Bathroom Fitting

We project manage from initial conception to final finish to ensure that the smallest, most important room in the house, is the bathroom you always wanted.

Repairs & Maintenance

Fixing that leaky tap, upgrading a sink or basin, replacing the toilet flush valve - we make sure the plumbing you have already performs the way it should.

Shower & Whole House Pumps

A disadvantage of old hot water systems is poor water pressure at showers and modern taps. A shower or whole house pump can work brilliantly to solve this.

Cylinder Replacement

The hot water cylinder in your cupboard has a limited lifespan, especially in hard water areas. If you’re having problems, we can diagnose the issue and quote for replacement if needed. 

Small Construction Projects

While plumbing is our primary business, variety is the spice of life and we also take on occasional small construction projects.

About us

Modern plumbing, traditional craftsmanship

My grandfather was a painter and decorator in Wiltshire. One of the things I remember about him was his appreciation of good workmanship and his disappointment at a job half or badly done. You could probably get the work done for less, but if you wanted it doing well you’d go to him. It’s a philosophy that I try to carry forward. We too often get called in to fix the work of others who haven't operated that way.


We do good work, don’t cut corners, and charge a fair price 

We take pride in the work we do, and the service we offer you. We always phone back if we miss your call and respect the fact that we are working in your home. If we are booked for the day, we bring our own beverages and will never turn up with a massive site radio blasting out Kiss FM all day.




in Copper

Copper is a wonderful material for plumbing. It’s malleable yet robust, and has natural antimicrobial qualities that make it ideal for carrying water. It never floods a house because a rodent has chewed a hole in it. Doing it right requires craftsmanship and skill, but done right it looks great and will last a lifetime. It has permanence and dependability.


There are certain situations where plastic pipe is a better choice, but not many. We are happy to quote for installing in plastic, but we always recommend copper.



We are plumbers based in Corsham, but we also work in Box, Chippenham, Bradford on Avon and Bath.

If you have any enquiries please get in touch using the form below, send us an email, or call us on the number displayed on this site. 


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Tel: 07789556087


We provide an estimating service for larger jobs. Smaller jobs and maintenance jobs are charged by the hour plus an initial call out fee.

Call us on: 07789556087

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